McKenzie River & Cascades Tour

Rapids, recreation and relaxation

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  • 198 narration points
  • 128 miles one way + 37 miles side trip

The Together Anywhere Audio Guides is a location aware storytelling experience that takes you on an entertaining journey between Eugene and Bend in a way you have never traveled before.

2021 Update

In September 2020, a large wildfire – known as the Holiday Farm Fire – devastated the McKenzie River area. While the beauty of the river and its surroundings remain, many unique sights and stops mentioned in our original tour were lost.

In collaboration with the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce and Travel Lane County, we updated 58 miles of narration. Included are stories of the fire as well as sights and stops the locals want to make sure you don’t miss along the way.

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What can I see along the way?

On this tour you will learn and hear stories about the history, geology and outdoor experiences of Oregon as you travel down the McKenzie River Valley to Central Oregon, or in the opposite direction! There are many places to stop and explore but we have three suggested must-see locations:

  1. McKenzie River Scenic Byway – Known for its farms, fish, and forests, this byway passes through many quaint towns. Once booming from the gold and timber industries, the area is now focused on recreation such as biking, rafting and fishing to name a few.
  2. Sahalie and Koosah Falls – Stunning and powerful waterfalls just a short walk from their respective parking areas.
  3. Sisters, Oregon – A quaint town in Central Oregon that offers western charm with stores and restaurants.

Where do I start the tour?

While you can begin the tour at any point along the drive, we suggest beginning at the Eugene, Cascades and Coast Visitor Center at the western terminus or the Visit Bend Visitors Center on the eastern terminus to have the full experience of the tour. The tour can be experienced in both directions and presents similar information as most travelers are heading in one direction towards their Oregon adventures further down the road.

How long is the tour?

The drive between Eugene and Bend, or Bend and Eugene, can be accomplished in 2.5 hours without stopping. However, most people enjoy stopping for photos, hikes, and food so the exact duration of the drive is impossible to calculate. You are the captain of this ship and we will stop with you! A seasonal side tour includes the McKenzie Pass Highway 242. While it is actually about 15 miles shorter, it can add nearly 30 minutes to the drive due to twists and turns on the road but the views at the top of the pass on a clear day do not disappoint.