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What’s up with the 2021 Oregon hiking permits?

April 6th is a new holiday in Oregon: Hiking Permit Day! Here is a quick link to day use hikes and information about overnight trips. Starting at 7am on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 you can ensure your place on Oregon’s wilderness trails between Memorial Day and the end of September. Although some permits will be […]

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Travel, grief and self-care: Reflections from a pandemic – Part One

“Try not to become a (wo)man of success, but rather try to become a (wo)man of value.” ~ Albert Einstein Together Anywhere launched it’s travel app in 2019, in the height of Oregon tourism and optimism. Travel to the state was at an all time high and we were excited to bring a new, innovative […]

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On a break, on the road

As for most around the world, 2020 has been a long and winding road. As for Together Anywhere, a new, small travel business, we were a bit unprepared for a pandemic and the largest decline in the tourism industry. We slowed down, we learned, and yet, we continued moving forward. In May 2020, tensions rose […]

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10 things I’ve learned after one year in the travel industry

To preface this post, I claim to be no expert in the travel industry. My experience in travel and tourism comes from a passion to explore and learn, coupled with the last 18 months owning a startup company that builds tours for self-guided adventures. When my partners and I started planning our division of responsibilities, […]