At so it ends…

…not with a bang, but with a whisper.

Starting a company is a big leap. Especially in a busy sector such as travel and tourism.

We jumped anyway because we believed in our product, our support network and our abilities.

What we didn’t expect was a pandemic to take place, the moment our product was ready to go public.

We were not eligible for government support, and had to pay our bills. So the partners drifted apart, moving on to other projects.

We learned a lot, and are now applying those skills to other awesome projects. So, maybe we’ll run into each other again.

And in regards to Together Anywhere, what is left you find here. It is available for free, as long as Google and Apple allow it on their App stores. Enjoy.

No support though. Sorry. And to be used under your own responsibility.

All the best,

Arnaud, Christy and Andrew