Oregon Road Trips

5 must-see stops on the Historic Columbia River Highway…

…other than Multnomah Falls and even without an entry ticket!


10 perfect Oregon landscapes by artist Taylor Allen

#1: Cougar Hot Springs off of Highway 126 (featured above) In case you don’t know already, Together Anywhere creates GPS audio driving tours around the state of Oregon. We are three young-ish, new business owners, with lots of dreams and a community of people supporting the dreams. This article is about one specific supporter, a […]

Oregon History

A history of travel in Oregon – Part One

COVID-19 has changed the way we move about world. Airplanes are grounded, the cruise ship industry decimated, and buses are empty. People are indoors, using their cars less and they are staying closer to home. Access to travel to the entire world, as it was just prior to COVID-19, has drastically changed. However, when looking […]