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A post-wildfire guide to the McKenzie River Scenic Byway

Want the quick way to access the post-wildfire guide? Download the app below and the answers you seek you will find! For the story behind the guide, continue reading below. Where were you on September 7, 2020? For those who live around and love the McKenzie River, they know exactly where they were that fateful […]

Oregon History

Remembering Barry Lopez, McKenzie River and Finn Rock resident

Our driving tour down the wildfire affected area on the McKenzie River Scenic Byway takes you past Finn Rock, a special place with a very notable resident.


Beauty from ashes on the McKenzie River

As Oregon’s premier audio tour company we are very familiar with the Mckenzie River area. We spend many happy days there. And nothing shows our affinity with the region more, then to highlight it as the focus of our first ever audio tour, the McKenzie River & Central Cascades tour.

Released way back in 2019, we celebrated the launch with a demonstration on a party bus down the scenic byway listening to the stories of the McKenzie River with 35 of our first supporters, stopping at Ike’s Pizza, the McKenzie General Store & Obsidian Grill, and Belknap Hot Springs. It was a magical day. We were dreaming of tours all around Oregon as we began this new adventure together.