Road Trip

On a break, on the road

As for most around the world, 2020 has been a long and winding road. As for Together Anywhere, a new, small travel business, we were a bit unprepared for a pandemic and the largest decline in the tourism industry. We slowed down, we learned, and yet, we continued moving forward.

In May 2020, tensions rose again as our attention turned to the continued gap in awareness of inequity in our state and country. And yet, Together Anywhere continued moving forward doing what we know how to do best: tell stories. We wrote stories of race in Oregon and highlighted the history that formed some of our shameful present.

By August, we released our Mount Hood driving tour and we thought the worst had passed. Our sights were set on our next tours around Oregon and picking up those final touches on the Cascades routes. Next, something no one could have ever predicted… Oregon was on fire.

September 8th, 2020, around 5pm in the afternoon in Salem, Oregon.

We chose to start a travel business because we love to connect to the places and the people around us. However, we realize that as of September 2020, this is a time for healing in Oregon, not promoting tourism.

After the fires, we decided to unplug for a bit. No social media, no undue pressures to meet deadlines. We are aiming to take care of ourselves, connect to earth, to ourselves, and heal. On September 25, we took to the road, reconnecting with our travel roots and reminding ourselves of the healing in nature, in the unknown, and in slowing down. We’ve seen friends, we’ve seen new places, we’ve seen ourselves. Our true selves, not the selves that are worn out and tired from trying hard to fight against nature.

Traveling in a global pandemic is surprisingly easy. We rent private Airbnbs, we cook our own food, we avoid crowded places (especially in places that don’t seem to know there is a pandemic happening… I’m talking to you Sandpoint, Idaho).

Pictures of our travel so far with more to come:

  • Rowena Crest on the Columbia River Gorge
  • An awesome dog park in the Tri-Cities in Washington
  • Our cute cabin outside Sandpoint, Idaho
  • Hiking around Lake Pend Orielle and visiting local spots in Sandpoint, Idaho
  • Conflicting political signs
  • Canyons on the way to Montana
  • Our Airbnb in Kalispell, Montana
  • Glacier National Park
  • Visiting with friends in Helena, Montana.

We will be back with more!

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